How We Became Industry Leaders and the Innovators Who Got Us There

The Beginning

Haverfield Aviation had it’s humble beginnings in the early 1980’s, in Florida. The company worked as a one-helicopter operator providing aerial patrol support to local utilities. The work included flying utility employees along rights-of-way to identify obvious problems.


Spending so much time in the wire environment prompted the question, can we get closer and see defects on the transmission lines structures and components. Curiosity and an intense desire to revolutionize the use of helicopters in transmission line support led to the Comprehensive Visual Inspection (CVI).


Ultimately, with the backing of sound electrical theory and engineering, the method of bonding onto energized conductors became Haverfield’s brand, including the patented platform that has changed how helicopter repair services are performed. 


Today Haverfield’s services have expanded to include helicopter lift assistance, construction support, transmission line maintenance, and line retirement. Our continued growth is a direct result of our dedicated and highly trained workforce. With safety and professionalism always on the forefront we deliver innovative services that support the reliability of the  transmission grid.

FAA Certified Air Carrier

Part 133 External Load Operations
Part 135 Air Carrier
Part 137 Commercial Agricultural Aircraft Operations