Aerial Side-Trimmer Saw

Haverfield Aviation is currently providing aerial side-trimming services to the utility and pipe-line industries throughout the United States. Aerial trimming is a quick and effective way to limit outages caused by neglected vegetation. This service will focus on transmission and distribution line corridors for electric utilities, as well as pipeline corridors for the gas industry. Haverfield Aviation brings over 25 years of right-of-way (ROW) flight experience to this market.

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Our pilots operate our helicopter mounted saw with pinpoint accuracy. The aerial saw is powered by a compact fuel injected engine, with low emission operations and is able to side-trim a 20’ path of vegetation in one pass; several times more feet than a traditional ground-based crew alone.

It is Haverfield Aviation’s goal to consistently offer specific products and procedures to support the performance and reliability of both the electric transmission grid and the pipeline industry.