Insulator Washing

Insulators are an essential part of the transmission power grid. Unfortunately, they often become subject to contamination. Haverfield can safely and efficiently clean insulator contaminants with our unparalleled insulator power washing techniques.  

Insulator Washing

Environmental contamination on insulators, such as rust or animal waste, can diminish an insulator’s integrity and reliability. Haverfield’s EHV Wash System is the fastest, safest, and most effective way to address these issues. A combination of extremely high-water pressure and pinpoint accuracy defines the EHV Wash System’s superior quality. Whatever the terrain or environment, the EHV Wash System can be used on energized or de-energized lines and is conducted as an Energized/Bare-Hand operation.

Insulator Washing Advantages

More Efficient than Ground Based Methods

Energized or De-energized

Mitigates Topographical Challenges

Safe and Effective

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