Construction Support

Since 1981 Haverfield has been supporting the utility industry. We are proud to continue this legacy by providing customers with decades of experience and innovation in the arena of aerial line construction support.

Aerial Support

Construction on new or existing transmission lines can be costly and present unique challenges, particularly when accessing remote or protected areas. To remedy these obstacles Haverfield Aviation brings decades of experience and innovation to the art of line construction. Helicopter use increases efficiency and productivity including; reduction or elimination of access roads, and reduction in matting, logistics support for personnel and delivery of materials and equipment to the job site. Environmental concerns and reclamation costs are reduced or eliminated, as there is virtually no “footprint” left behind.

Construction Support Services

New Build Construction Support

Wire Stringing Including Needle Work

Un-Clipping and Clipping of Conductor or Static Wire

Full Tension Conductor and Static Splicing

Insulator Change Out/Replacement

Dead-end of Conductor Static Wire

Full Tension Conductor and Static Splicing

Vibration Damper Installation

Conductor Spacer Installation

Marker Ball Installation

Bird Diverter Installation

Medium & Heavy Lift Capabilities

Structures and Poles

Delivering Concrete Footers and Foundations

Setting Steel Lattice Members

Pipeline Construction Support

Line Retirement/Removal